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Baler Consumables.

baling-wire-bale-ties-small(1)Baler Consumables

At Trade Balers we offer the complete range of baler consumables for all our range of products

We offer all baling consumables you may require for your waste baling and compacting machinery, such as:-

  • baling tape
  • precut baling wire
  • looped baling wire
  • baling twine
  • all spare parts

To give you full confidence in the machinery that we supply, we back it up with our warranty.   However, it’s important to have your machine serviced on a regular basis to identify possible problems and carry out planned preventative maintenance at a time that is convenient to you and your business.

We therefore offer tailored servicing packages based on your expected and actual usage of the equipment – if you’re a higher volume user you need more frequent attention than low volume users.


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